Diabetes Prevention

To coordinate and support the integration of the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme across KSS. Referrals into the programme started in September 2017 to our partners, Ingeus who offer people at risk of type 2 diabetes, strategies to address diet, exercise and weight loss.

In November 2013 a Diabetes Clinical Advisory Group was established as the central governance forum for the CN Diabetes Work Programme. 

3 strategic priorities, aligned with the CCG Outcomes Indicators, were set:

1)         Diabetes Integrated Care – To support the specification, commissioning, contracting and monitoring of diabetes models of care

2)         Patient Education, Care Planning and Support – with the initial focus on patient education as the first pillar of the House of Care principles for person centred management of long term conditions

3)         Diabetic Foot Care – to support the reduction of amputations across the CN region

In 2015 the group added the additional priority of:

4)         Diabetes Prevention