Get Involved

Being involved as a patient, carer or public representative can be very rewarding; it provides the opportunity to have your voice heard and to bring about improvements for patients and families.  

 “I have always been impressed by the commitment of the Network to patient engagement and inclusivity, even when pressures have been great.  My other comment would be that I think the work undertaken on setting standards of care for stroke patients was first class and I am confident it will contribute, not only to reducing the number of deaths but a better quality of life for patients who suffer a stroke.” (Alan Keys, CN Patient Representative)

“As far as cancer is concerned, it has been valuable to be involved in the clinical pathway events and being part of the clinical advisory groups.” (CN Patient Representative)

There are a number of different ways that you can get involved and different levels of engagement to suit your needs, such as:

  • home based involvement, for example providing feedback on draft documents via email, taking part in virtual focus groups or completing online surveys
  • being involved in forums, such as being an active member of a group, or attending or speaking at a conference as a patient/carer
  • Being a patient or carer representative, such as on a CN group or at a national or regional level

These are described in more detail in our Patient and Public Engagement Strategy.

If you would like to get involved, please complete the People Bank Application Form and return it to  We will endeavour to get back to you within 3 working days.  If you would like to discuss how you could be involved, please contact with your phone number and someone will ring you back.  If you get involved, you will be able to recover your travel costs by completing the Reimbursement of travel cost form.

By joining the People Bank, you will automatically receive the PPE Opportunities Bulletin which is a round-up of opportunities to get involved in health and social care across Surrey, Sussex and Kent. The bulletin is compiled by South East Clinical Networks but represents opportunities from across the health and social care sector.